Hello World! Welcome to Genius Igloo

October 27, 2023

All right! Let’s get started with this journey! At Genius Igloo, I believe smart things are here to change our lives. But lately, the word “smart'' is being used as a buzzword but some things do not meet the proper criteria to be considered smart. In my opinion, smart devices have some internal intelligence to detect issues and normal operation, may provide feedback on required maintenance and even give guidelines towards its use and optimized performance. Typically, these devices are remotely controlled through some connection, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or some combination of both and other network configurations. And connection is a key word, as it enables communication across multiple devices, people and places. There are devices that have more “smartness” in them than others, providing preventive and even predictive events such as maintenance due, electrical or mechanical failures as well as additional insights on how to make the most out of it.. 

There’s also the word “things” being tossed around. Things can be used interchangeably with devices or equipment. The intention of this word is mostly to encompass every type of mechanism. For example, if you refer to smart TV’s, smart refrigerators, smart lighting and many other equipment, they can all be smart things. Why? Because these days, almost every(thing) can be smart!

Being connected, smart things create a network. The Internet of Things (IoT) is used to talk about this network. In previous iterations of the internet and networks, the most common things seen were computers, printers and cellphones, and that was about it. With the introduction of smartphones and better network availability, the technology was expanded to practically everywhere. Now you can find smart plumbing, smart cleaning, smart… To be brief, IoT enables smart comfort and smart functions all across your home.

Smart things and IoT have been under a lot of development for both domestic and industrial use. Industrial Internet of Things (“IIoT”) is also a very recent concept which focuses on addressing enterprise requirements, which typically aim to save money one way or another. For example, IIoT looks at energy consumption, quick detection and notification of machinery failures, as well as performance optimizations and better productivity, all of which typically translate to money saved, but also can help with safety, environment and other applications. In this website, the focus is more on domestic smart things, emphasizing on comfort and ease of daily activities. Although many of these devices can help with money saving (mostly energy saving), they focus more on automating functions and creating sequential actions based on a particular trigger. A sample scenario is the process of going to bed. When you are ready to go to sleep, you try to ensure the lights are off, TV is off, the stairs or hallway is well lit and perhaps the dishwasher has been powered on and the alarm is armed. Think of all the time you would save if with just a voice command you can trigger all this and go directly to bed. Also if you’re tired, you just go to bed! Do I have your attention yet?

So why Genius Igloo? The challenge is to find devices that enable smart(Genius) houses (Igloo) everywhere (See what I did there?). Our aim is to go further than just enabling  smart houses, but helping you create your genius home! And yes, we’ll be on the lookout for smart devices for igloos too! Join us on this quest to find smart things for conventional and non-conventional applications that you can use in different houses, apartments, igloos, etc.