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Curiosity is our strong suit and we are focusing it on smart and interconnected technologies that address many common household tasks. (Disclaimer: No cats were killed during our curiosity quest!)

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Smart Speakers: How to choose the right ones for you?
December 8, 2023

Smart speakers are one of the easiest ways to get started with IoT at your home. They play music, listen to commands, provide updates on weather and news and even ask trivia questions daily! Here's what to look for when looking to buy them.

Smart Hubs and Virtual Assistants: The Basics
November 24, 2023

How will you control all devices from a single space and make them interact in routines? Using smart hubs and virtual assistants can be the first step.

Where can I use smart devices at home?
November 10, 2023

These 10 categories will get your mind going towards your next home improvement. Smart devices can be used all around the house, and can very well make your life easier in ways you've never imagined.